Poms ★★★½

In a film that will be too quickly dismissed by everyone save for the demographic it was actually made for (and is too often taken for granted by studio execs), POMS is actually a rather astute and more often than not, genuinely funny studio comedy that doesn't take real-world implications for granted in order to simplify characterizations or character dynamics. Sure, it has that sitcom-like visual style that generally strays toward an aesthetic more Williams Sonoma than grim reality, but writer/director Zara Hayes (along with co-writer Shane Atkinson) uses the surface-level tropes associated with the geriatric comedy genre to make points without really making them. Namely, that of how shifting societal expectations and norms have dictated many a woman's lives to little more than forgotten dreams and lost aspirations. POMS is a testimony about making up for lost time, making up for a missed life, and a bunch of women who are tired of being relegated to only grabbing their husband's balls and finally deciding to grab their life by those anything-is-attainable testicles. All of this is of course coupled with the fact this cast is having a blast.