The Mustang ★★★

This is a movie about rehabilitation for both Matthias Schoenaerts' Roman and the the wild horse that has been taken into a world of confusion against his will and his nature. Roman, much like his animal companion, isn't good with people and doesn't want to be around them, but in being around one another Roman finds a relationship he can interact within and build on without a hint of judgement; there is a connection, but no words. In this, Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre's The Mustang paints a simple yet poetic picture of this character arc of transformation through rehabilitation, but while the film is beautifully captured (Ruben Impens cinematography is a truly breathtaking) and has nothing but honest intentions the weight of the emotional beats don't always hit. Such misses are critical for a film that lives or dies on the back of its emotional impact and though The Mustang is certainly thoughtful it doesn't come to be as meaningful as it seemingly should or wants.