The Spy Who Dumped Me ★★½

The Ed Snowden subplot here is better than all of "Snowden".

That said, this looks and feels like another in the vein of "Mila Kunis makes middle-of-the-road-comedy for gullible middle class". And it totally is. That it purports this perspective at all is obviously a tad annoying, but what is truly irritating is the product itself cements this stance by not trying. At all. Well, except for McKinnon...she can't seem to help but to give a damn. It is mostly thanks to McKinnon's energy that "The Spy Who Dumped Me" offers a few solid laughs and remains light on its feet even when we see every beat coming and even when writer/director Susanna Fogel and co-writer David Iserson get a little too carried away with the genre they're playing in.

Kudos to McKinnon for her Chris Kirkpatrick joke as well. That shit was gold.