The Sun Is Also a Star ★★

So targeted at a teen audience that the teens in the screening I attended essentially swooned and squealed on cue.

What also defines its target demo is the extremes upon which everything operates. There is no gray area w/ these characters; no sense of balance. Natasha (Yara Shahidi) is completely opposed to love as something that factually exists while Daniel (Charles Melton) is so caught up in his talks of fate and destiny and trying to be a poet that he's almost delusional. Both sets of parents are the stringent, hyper-focused types-neither of which allow their children to provide them any insight as to who they are, but instead only project their own hopes and dreams on them. And then there is the premise of Nicola Yoon's novel that places Daniel in the position of proving love exists to Natasha through the scientific method which is Freeform it almost had me in certain spots?