BlacKkKlansman ★★★★★

“All Power to all the people!”

If I hadn’t already known Spike Lee is a brilliant filmmaker, this movie would have shown me for sure. It deserves best pic, best director, best adapted screenplay, & best editing, Hell, all the Oscars!!! What an incredible film. I grew up in the 60’s & remember very well segregation in Houston, TX, it’s so hard to even imagine it today. However, racism is very much alive & well today as we’ve all seen the evidence of, especially since 45 became our president. 

John David Washington is definitely his father’s son, he is absolutely superb as Ron Stallworth, & Adam Driver was great as usual as his undercover partner, Flip Zimmerman. This film should be mandatory viewing in the schools in my opinion, but we know they will never do that, unfortunately. As a white female, I can not claim to even understand minutely what it feels like to be black in our country, although I have felt the sting of racism many times in the 70’s due to being married to a man of Mexican heritage. Interracial marriage was a huge no no back then, but we fought that battle & stood our ground. No one was going to tell us what to do. Our son looked more like me than his father so he never felt the nasty bite of racism like his father experienced many times while growing up in Houston. 

Back to the movie, the score & soundtrack were both perfection, driving the scenes just right. I loved the way Spike had the back & forth scenes of the White Power fucktards in their meeting & the black people in their Black Power meeting. Editing it that way made it most profound. 

See this at the theater if you can, it is so worth it. & please be prepared to shed some tears throughout, unless you have no heart. There was just the right amount of laughs in this incredible story as well as wringing every other emotion out of me. I can safely say this will be added to my list of my favorite films of 2018. 

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