Nocturama ★★

Filmwelt Filmclub #44
- Nocturama -
Picked by Kaladinlirin

Right off the bat, Nocturama - set in Paris - conveys an addictive vibe kind of similar to Berlin. I’m a sucker for this city and electronic music, which was also used lots here. It’s safe to say that the overall feeling of the city was a welcome change of American cities in various movies I have seen recently. Unfortunately these are the only positive aspects about this week’s pick. It’s obvious what the movie is trying to tell, but it was already done much better in other films and shows, that funnily enough happen to be faves of mine. 

With bland characters that lacked an arc, we get thrown into the world of a group of teenagers, who seem to be motivated by nothing specific. At least it didn’t come across as much as I wished for. Every single character feels massively underwritten, reserved and not compelling to watch. With the second half we are getting introduced to a completely new setting and pace, which is slower than the first half and purely concentrates on the kids. Based on my issues with those, the second half was a real letdown most of the time. 

In the end, Nocturama loses a lot of potential and is doomed to fail. Not everything about it was bad, but I couldn’t connect with anyone at all to be honest. Although the dominating and vital subtext, Nocturama remains a lifeless movie, that may serve a purpose but couldn’t convince me entirely until its last 15 minutes. 

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