Taste of Cherry

Taste of Cherry ★★½

Filmwelt Filmclub #49
- Taste of Cherry -
Picked by Yaron

There is not much to say about this week’s pick, yet this movie almost forces you to think about life and the all the issues that come with it, not only during the film, but also once it ends. Taste of Cherry thrives on an minimalistic concept and conveys a particular message. While the technical aspects are reduced to the bare essentials, the film’s richness lays within emotional value and its dialogues. 

It is not easy to describe this film without giving away too much from the plot. Taste of Cherry is an extraordinary film about complex characters, it is personal and thought provoking. Aesthetically pleasing long shots of Iran compensate for the absence of a score. The film requires the viewer to detach themself from western stereotypes, because this isn‘t your typical Hollywood film. I can’t mention it enough, but I am always glad about the club’s variety of different movies from different parts of the world. 

Although the thematic used here is supposed to be emotionally powerful, I couldn’t fully connect to the main character. His bland expression and blatant emptiness definitely supports the already existent depressing mood, but unfortunately I felt more like an observer of the whole scenario, rather than getting myself immersed in the film. For me, this feeling is decisive of a higher rating. In the end I had a great time with the first half, but after that Taste of Cherry became somewhat repetitive and stale. 

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