Hard Boiled ★★★★★

Like when Chow Yun-Fat busts open that secret gun stash in the birdcage and when he's firing two guns simultaneously while sliding down the staircase and then when that guy slides out of the cadaver chamber on the body tray guns-a-blazing and then when Tony Leung wants to move to Antarctica because it's never dark and he's tired of the darkness then when the motorcycle's on fire, then the baby pisses on Chow Yun-Fat when his leg's on fire which puts out the fire and then when the whole hospital explodes while he's still holding the baby...?????

(...John Woo films turn me into the biggest bogan*. Every time.)

*Bogan = trailer trash/caker-like individual on pogey/chav/pikey (y'get the idea, luvvies) 

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