The Big Sick ★★★½

Dear Heartfelt, Earnest, Multicultural Romantic  Comedy,

For many years, you've been just what I needed after a terrible evening. You've made me laugh, cry, given me hope for a better tomorrow. 

Those days are over.

My heart is now a very hard protein to work with. Like that pale, mangled chicken breast gathering ice at the back of your freezer. MasterChef skills (and remembering to buy shallots eventually) are required to extract the juicy goodness that still lies within. Yes, I'm being very dramatic - I'm overstating the potency and pain of love's impact on my existence but still...I was waiting for your sweeping gesture and I deserved to be disappointed. And you didn't have the sac to deny me. 

Also, there was a human-sized turd next to me texting the ENTIRE second half of your run time. 

I'm sorry...y'know...sometimes things just don't work out? I'll see you round sometime.

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