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  • Death Wish Club

    Death Wish Club

    Our host and narrator for this bizarre and highly laudable fiasco is a wealthy weirdo in a smoking jacket named George (J. Martin Sellers), who gazes into a mirror in the film’s opening moments and attempts an explanation for his presence in the movie. He is the “last of the great lovers”, but is only interested in loving, not being loved, as “one-sided love is the only true emotion.” He strolls through a carnival, explaining, “I love a lonely place,…

  • Sorcerer



    Sorcerer, William Friedkin‘s brilliant reinterpretation of Georges Arnaud‘s novel Wages of Fear, is dedicated to its original filmic adapter Henri-Georges Clouzot, and Friedkin’s entry in this triptych offers new and tantalizing shades of misery to the fable of lost men on an impossible mission. Sorcerer manages, somehow, to bring more grit, sorrow and cynicism to the painful suspense and general existential dread of the previous iterations. The film has been newly restored with approval from Friedkin (who, it must be…

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  • Tanner '88

    Tanner '88


    Robert Altman’s talent for melding fiction and what passes for reality reaches disorienting heights in the 11-episode television series Tanner ‘88. With Altman’s camera and crew camouflaged among the network news covering the 1988 Democratic primary race, his fictional candidate Jack Tanner (Michael Murphy) rubs shoulders and shakes hands with the oblivious likes of Bob Dole and Pat Robertson on the campaign trail. Tanner is a 60s era idealist who brags about knowing all of the Beatles’ names and, if…

  • Goodbye to Language

    Goodbye to Language


    Adieu au langage is divided into alternating and interspersed sections titled Nature and Metaphor, the material in each section referring constantly to its antithesis and both coyly mediated by Godard’s established cinematic system of signs. 3D is a logical formal element for Godard to put to use alongside his usual parallel but occasionally incongruous streams of image and sound, translated versus untranslated utterances (one hears unsubtitled mention of Mao and Che), his characteristic abruptions (ie. dramatic strings, interrupted), and his…