The Hateful Eight

all talk and no acting make Jack a dull boy.

Never was I more torn back and forth over a Tarantino movie. On the one hand, it's brilliant. The setting itself tells a story, the cabin with tons of little things, the landscape, the snow. It is a place were weird things like you see in the movie are bound to happen. A group of people trapped in a cabin, nowhere to go, no communication with the outside, no trust. Every face is unique and you just want to look at it to see what happened to the person. Never before Tarantino borrows things so often from his own movies. It is Pulp Fiction, crammed into the hall of Reservoir Dogs in a Django Unchained setting with a British Hans Landa. All this makes this movie interesting and fun to watch.
But all these fantastic little pieces are like a badly stitched quilt. They fall apart because it lacks a red thread.
At first: Couldn't Tarantino get Christoph Waltz and just did cast Tim Roth as Christoph Waltz, who played a role in this movie? When he was first introduced it seems Tarantino tried to recreate the beginning of Inglourious Basterds. And overall the talking was just too much for what was actually told the viewer in these conversations. (Even for a Tarantino Movie). It missed a storyline. Even Pulp Fiction had some sort of ongoing story. Hateful Eight is in the essence: People talking in a cabin and, in the end, they are all dead. I missed the genius Tarantino who brought me, Hans Landa or Jules. As I wrote, every character is interesting and unique and in every other movie they would have been excellent. But for Tarantino they are just mediocre.
Maybe Tarantino tried to do syntheses of his other movies. Maybe he wanted to just focus on to do as many Tarantino-esque characters as possible in one movie. And while the movie is good, in the end, it doesn't work out. But do not get me wrong, it is a good movie but I hold Tarantino to a higher standard.

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