If you are interested in Cold War History and probably already know some things about it, this movie can be very entertaining. I liked it because I am interested in this part of history and I liked Bryan Cranston already. But I could imagine, that someone, who isn't already familiar with the Red Scares in Hollywood, couldn't quite as well follow along. It is a nice biopic, comparable to the one about Alfred Hitchcock. Some nostalgia with costumes and sets, the historical protagonist is of course very sympathetic. It's nothing new, but it works. But I do not understand how Cranston could get an Oscar nomination for that. He is good, without a doubt, but it was nothing he would be remembered for. I think because Trumbo is already a Hollywood legend, that the academy nominated him for masturbatory reasons. It is a story about them. Hollywood celebrates itself, as always. Besides, if Cranston got one. John Goodman would have deserved a nomination as well. His performance in the few scenes, he was in, were magnificent.