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This review may contain spoilers.

On the musical side, the film is excellent. In no other movie did I see the love for the music and dedication for it like in "Whiplash". But on the other side, it shows a very concerning vision of teaching. J. K. Simmon's character touches on the stereotype of the rough coach who just wants to push his team. In many ways "Whiplash" has the characteristics of a sports movie. But with real-world examples of abusive teachers, misplaced trust in authority figures and broken Childs, the movie has a concerning message. Andrew goes back to Fletcher against the will of everyone who likes it, especially his father. The movie ends at that point where Andrew finally gets the approval of his teacher after months of emotional abuse. I really wished, in the end, Andrew would just walk away, and don't give in the pressure of Fletcher. But so all the real world aspects of such a relationship until possible suicide were just forgotten in the end.

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