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  • Class



    CLASS is one of those 80s movies that tries to combine sensitive character portrayals with teen titty comedy antics with the result that neither aspect is as successful as they might have been. It's a film that tries to combine THE GRADUATE with a frat comedy (albeit in a prep school setting), but lacks the talent required to pull this off.

    But that's not to say it doesn't have some fun moments and great performances. Had it leaned further into…

  • The Second Civil War

    The Second Civil War


    When Joe Dante made this highly underrated HBO movie 21 years ago it played exactly like what it was meant to be--incisive social satire of where we could have been heading unless things changed.

    Turns out THE SECOND CIVIL WAR ranks below only NETWORK for its prescience in predicting our current reality. To the point that today it feels far more like a present-day docudrama than a farce.

    The film stars Beau Bridges as the "populist" governor of Idaho--a former…

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  • Can't Stop the Music

    Can't Stop the Music


    A disaster you say? Maybe, but an infectiously enjoyable one! I've seen it more times than Citizen Kane! Where else can you see The Village People pretend to be everyday heterosexual dudes conscripted into the gayest disco sensations of all time. All that and Bruce Jenner in jean shorts and Valerie Perrine's perfect breasts! Do you hate joy?

  • Teeth



    Sold as horror, TEETH is actually a moving black comedy about a sweet young woman who discovers she possesses something all men secretly suspect women have, but do not use.

    Filled with some brilliant dark comic scenes, TEETH lives and dies on the performance of Jess Wexler, who more than credibly takes the character of Dawn on a journey from frightened innocent to feminist avenger. Without her the film wouldn't have its emotional resonance, nor would it have made me literally clap with delight at the end.