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  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born


    Pretty much everything I want in a major studio film, A STAR IS BORN proves that an old tale told as well as it can be told can still resonate. It also proves that Bradley Cooper is a force to be reckoned with behind the camera and a pop performer many ridiculed and/or took for granted may actually truly be the Streisandesque powerhouse of this generation.

  • Special Unit

    Special Unit


    Anyone smart enough to go back 18 years and revisit Christopher Titus' unjustly short-lived sitcom, TITUS, will recognize how expertly it combined truly laugh-out-loud comedy with genuinely intelligent and moving insights about the dysfunctional middle class. It was a frequently broad show that nonetheless successfully tackled the subjects of mental illness, adultery, alcoholism, suicide, child sexual abuse and domestic violence. Looking back there's never been anything else quite like it.

    Had it been up to Titus, SPECIAL UNIT would have…

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  • Can't Stop the Music

    Can't Stop the Music


    A disaster you say? Maybe, but an infectiously enjoyable one! I've seen it more times than Citizen Kane! Where else can you see The Village People pretend to be everyday heterosexual dudes conscripted into the gayest disco sensations of all time. All that and Bruce Jenner in jean shorts and Valerie Perrine's perfect breasts! Do you hate joy?

  • Teeth



    Sold as horror, TEETH is actually a moving black comedy about a sweet young woman who discovers she possesses something all men secretly suspect women have, but do not use.

    Filled with some brilliant dark comic scenes, TEETH lives and dies on the performance of Jess Wexler, who more than credibly takes the character of Dawn on a journey from frightened innocent to feminist avenger. Without her the film wouldn't have its emotional resonance, nor would it have made me literally clap with delight at the end.