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  • Bombshell



    BOMBSHELL is a very effective dramatization of the Fox News sexual harassment story filled with a jaw-dropping cast who all give great performances, but--to me--the most interesting aspect is how its very existence cannot help but alienate two very different audiences at the same time.

    Obviously, fans of Fox News will regard it as a biased liberal-rehashing of old news that no one cares about and isn't important because Trump won, etc. But a lot of progressive critics similarly dismissed…

  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    Everything everyone says about PARASITE, KNIVES OUT does better and in a more entertaining package. Ana de Armis gives a career making performance in a demanding role that requires immediate sympathy from the audience for the whole film to succeed. One of the few real masterpieces of the genre.

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  • Can't Stop the Music

    Can't Stop the Music


    A disaster you say? Maybe, but an infectiously enjoyable one! I've seen it more times than Citizen Kane! Where else can you see The Village People pretend to be everyday heterosexual dudes conscripted into the gayest disco sensations of all time? All that and Caitlyn Jenner in jean shorts and Valerie Perrine's perfect breasts! Do you hate joy?

  • A Futile and Stupid Gesture

    A Futile and Stupid Gesture


    There's a genius at work here in this biopic about the life of Doug Kenney--one that, based on the reviews I'm seeing, is going to be missed by a lot of other viewers.

    It's a film that walks an amazing balance between deliberate self-parody and genuine sincerity--a meta-work that plays up its genre cliches as successfully as WALK HARD: THE DEWEY COX story, while also reaching an emotional climax I never saw coming.

    Many, I suspect, will make the mistake…