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  • Bareilly Ki Barfi

    Bareilly Ki Barfi


    Filled with great performances by all the leads and a fun unexpected twist, BKB's biggest flaw is allowing Khurrana's character to become so obnoxious in his pursuit of Sanon that I began to resent the very idea of a "happy" ending where they ended up together. While said twist does a lot to alleviate this, I ultimately would have preferred if his dickish-ness was toned down from an 11 to a 7.

  • Clambake



    One of Presley's more charming vehicles, CLAMBAKE benefits from a fine supporting cast and a surprisingly deft script (going in you'd never figure how much the plot--spoiler--would turn on the development of a revolutionary new boat resin).

    Frequent co-star Fabares (who probably achieves peak gorgeous this go-around) especially impresses as an ambitious gold digger who sets herself apart by not being blonde and wearing pantyhose while she water skis. Future Not-Bruce-but-Richard Banner, Bill Bixby manages the interesting trick of playing…

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  • Can't Stop the Music

    Can't Stop the Music


    A disaster you say? Maybe, but an infectiously enjoyable one! I've seen it more times than Citizen Kane! Where else can you see The Village People pretend to be everyday heterosexual dudes conscripted into the gayest disco sensations of all time. All that and Bruce Jenner in jean shorts and Valerie Perrine's perfect breasts! Do you hate joy?

  • The Exorcist

    The Exorcist

    What?!? One star for THE EXORCIST?!? ARE YOU INSANE?!!?!

    Maybe. All I know is that I've never been able to enjoy Friedkin's iconic horror hit. Partly this can be blamed on my lack of religious beliefs, which renders the thought of possession, demons, and devils as ridiculous rather than terrifying. Partly it can be blamed on its pace and seriousness, which have always left me frustrated and bored. And another part can probably just be blamed on the kind of…