Heaven Knows What ★★★★½

Without a doubt one of the most intense, harrowing movies that I've seen this year, if not ever. It affected me deeply, watching Arielle Holmes as Harley dive into self-destruction over and over again. Certain scenes were rather triggering, and by the middle of the film I felt like throwing myself down the steps of the theatre. But I say that in the best possible sense. The movie was distressing, depressing, but it only goes to show the craft and intensity of the filmmakers.

I love the handheld cinematograhy by Sean Price Williams. His unconventional techniques push the boundaries, and really takes us into the mindstate of the addicts. It straddles realism and drama filmmaking, with the constant use of zooms, pans behind obstacles and filming from afar. The disorientation of the characters comes through in these shots, and combines well with the heady soundtrack.

It's a film that I'll be thinking about for a long time.

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