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  • Yakuza Apocalypse

    Yakuza Apocalypse


    Holy Moses!

    This unclassifiable psychedelic trip is inarguably the wackiest thing Miike has attempted. Where on earth does he come up with these ideas?

  • A Geisha

    A Geisha


    Unlike Memoirs of a Geisha,this one actually gives precedence to substance rather than visual flair.It's a heartbreaking tale of sacrifices that we continue to see from the fairer sex even in today's world.If there is one director who really understood women it has to be Kenji Mizoguchi.

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  • Night on Earth

    Night on Earth


    Taxi #1 - Always follow your dreams

    Taxi #2 - The funniest of the 5.

    Taxi #3 - Never judge others

    Taxi #4 - Life is too short, so enjoy while you can!

    Taxi #5 - Life can be cruel and unfair.

  • Her



    Dear Spike Jonze,

    At this precise moment,i cannot find the superlatives to tell you what i just witnessed right before my eyes, it's the third time in a row i have seen you deliver a movie which is indescribable.We all live in a world where technology is moving at a rapid pace;it is scary at times.Who knows what the future will bring upon us? What makes you delve into the human psyche and penetrate our deepest emotions and feelings like…