Baby ★★★★

*For the 2nd time in 24 years Akshay Kumar can be proud that he has delivered a believable performance,now that's what happens when you have a competent director at the helm

*Neeraj Pandey who is known for the power packed A Wednesday and the cat and mouse thriller Special 26 yet again proves he is a director who respects the audience

*There are few nods to Argo and Zero Dark Thirty but thats only a minor quibble. I did also however notice the theme heard in the background before a Spiderman movie begins in certain places.

*Taapsee Pannu was the surprise element,this chick can kick ass and how!!!

*There is a bit of jingoism but i feel some of the other things mentioned were also very true.

* Its a bit long and some of it may seem implausible,but since its done with so much energy,its hard not to look away.

* One of the year's best!