Frances Ha ★★★★

Varghese = Undateable

*Every once in a while i come across a character i can totally relate to.This female is like me in so many aspects.she is indecisive,has passion not for the sake of monetary gains but because she wants to derive happiness from pursuing it,has a very annoying personality...Yes,she is all of that but what i understood is that she wants to express her ideas and be heard whilst being surrounded by people who are used to conventional thoughts,she is average looking,quirky,restless.

*I loved the soundtrack especially the brilliant David Bowie song "Modern Love"

*Reminded me of Stranger Than Paradise and Manhattan(not quite in their league still a laudable effort).

* One of the sexiest movie posters i have seen.

* Beautiful black and white cinematography

* Themes of ennui,aspirations and outlook on modern society in a concrete jungle.

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