Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★½

> Whoever had the brainstorm of having a retro soundtrack I tip my hat to you!

> This took me by surprise, i have to report that compared to the other superhero ensemble i saw this year Avengers 2, this was more exciting overall.

> Yeah,Yeah it's got all the cliches, the inspirational talk,badass villain hell bent on domination,the team of misfits who have to assemble together despite their differences but it has so much irreverence attached to it which makes it fun to watch .

> Rocket Racoon was the star of the show for me with his wisecracks and i applaud how the writers depict him more than just an animal but with real emotions.

> Seeing Batista outside of the Wresting Ring was a hoot.

> Zoe Saldana looks hotter and has a better role than the one she did in Avatar.

> i wish they had given more insight into Quill's character,not much is explained sadly.

> One of the year's best!

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