Her ★★★★★

Dear Spike Jonze,

At this precise moment,i cannot find the superlatives to tell you what i just witnessed right before my eyes,its the third time in a row i have seen you deliver a movie which is indescribable...We all live in a world where technology is moving at a rapid space it is scary at times..who knows what the future will bring upon us...what makes you delve into the human psyche and penetrate our deepest emotions and feelings like no other modern director does...

The score by Arcade Fire is simply soothing...the cinematography is just sublime..the palette of colors on display is mesmerizing to watch...

As for Joaquin Phoenix..wow...right from the body mannerisms to his attire..vulnerability..the way tears flowed down...i myself shed a tear...pathos flowing understatedly.. undoubtedly performance of his career...you deserve the Best Actor bro!!!

Loving nostalgic scenes..gorgeous supporting cast including a stunning Rooney Mara...reminded me of my life at times...definitely in my top 2 of the year :-)

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