In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

While travelling by bus yesterday i decided to re-watch one of my all time favorite romantic movies and as expected i fell into a daze all over again. I cannot pinpoint what exactly it is about this movie that tears me up. Wong Kar Wai uses restraint sublimely. Walls play an important role in the covering up of hushed affairs and tears. The background score in particular plays a key role in depicting a sense of loss and playfulness in equal amounts. The director uses two actors who look so jaw droppingly handsome but make them vulnerable just like you and me with real turmoil boiling underneath. Whenever i see Maggie Cheung i want to make love to her, the way she sashays drives me nuts. Tony Leung matches her in every scene they are together.Have you ever bared your soul to someone? How did you feel when they betrayed our trust? We all are destined to meet someone special.Where are they? Are they in front of our eyes? Even in confined spaces passion is ignited in small bursts. The masterstroke is that the director never shows the lovers in arms together which makes it more intriguing.They want each other but they reciprocate their feelings in such a manner that nothing more needs to be explained.

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