Interstellar ★★★★★

Dear Christopher Nolan,

I just saw your latest movie...You have literally made my jaws drop in awe...Delving into various themes like life in the cosmos,father daughter bondage,environmental aspects you have left me stunned...The Special effects were simply out of this world...It's never easy to make such a challenging film like this..Believe me,i myself had undergone so many hurdles while making i know how you must have felt...Special Kudos to the entire cast for giving authentic heart wrenching moments to savor..Matthew,Mackenzie and Jessica are the standout performers....I myself shed buckets of tears while watching the departing moments...I myself miss my daughters so much...Ambiguity is what makes movie going experience worth it...Science is a vast is never easy to explain it to anyone without taking any creative liberties...While directors around you are satisfied with cliches you have taken the risks and followed your heart...In Particular i would like to mention Hans Zimmer's pulse pounding Organ Score as a career benchmark right up there with Gladiator,The Dark Knight and Inception...My Heart stopped for a moment when i did see the twist.. ..In my top 3 for this year

Your's Lovingly
Stanley Kubrick

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