Knight of Cups ★★★★★

For 118 minutes Malick made me jealous,seduced and made me realize how lonely and empty my life was. This is the sixth straight time he has knocked it out of the park. He is an acquired taste and not for everyone. Throughout the movie i kept telling myself " I want to do this" "I want to do that" "when will this happen to me?"Think Somewhere by Sofia Coppola directed by Fellini and Malick. The cinematography in this movie is hands down the best of the year,it is so fucking drop dead gorgeous that i don't even have the right adjectives for it. In life we come across various people in different stages who play varied roles in changing our mindset. The main problem in life is even after we have all the necessary things in life we still want more and are never satisfied, is it just personal greed or we are just finding excuses to throw away whatever we have left with us? Very few modern directors are able to convey so much without much dialogues. Recalling our troubled pasts,usage of western classical compositions,existential ambiguities are all rolled into one unforgettable roller coaster ride. This will surely improve upon a re watch. One of the year's best films!

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