La La Land

La La Land ★★★★★

Dear Damien Chazelle,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating something very special. i was smiling throughout every second of your movie. Perhaps for the very first time in my life i told myself this is a movie i want to rewatch within the first five mins or so. No musical has refreshed my soul like this one has ever since i saw Singin' In the Rain years ago.It makes me just get out there and dance the night away. How on earth does one follow up Whiplash? That was an electrifying experience.This one on the other hand is something we all crave - APPRECIATION. How many of us out there are acknowledged for our true talents? I want to be wooed and swept off my feet by someone unique.I loved the way you showed various stages of a romance using the seasons.Bravo on not succumbing and following the routine tropes which has become jaded of late.Emma Stone whose doe eyes melted my heart and Gosling share sensational chemistry together. Can i just mentally hug you all the way from Dubai for creating one of the most orgasmic endings i have ever seen in my life? That alone elevated this movie to my #1 of the year.The romance is unforgettable,the choreography is AMAZING.I wish both the leads were married in real life! Absolutely a joy to watch,heartbreaking and fun in equal measures! I AM FUCKING SPEECHLESS NOW! A new entry into my all time favourites!

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