The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★½

Dear 1977,

Can you take me back there right now? I want to listen to A Horse With No Name by America on the radio. I want to see Farewell My Lovely for some apparent reason. Thank you to a 17 year old Shane Black for making me laugh really really hard, i needed that. Note to self,please tell the future director to make more entertaining stuff and not drivel like Iron Man 3. Kiss Kiss Bang looks like medieval stuff compared to this in terms of EVERYTHING. Gosling and Crowe reinvent themselves. Forget Drive or Gladiator. Great to see you both together! A doffing of the hat to Chinatown,nothing will ever change,life just goes on. An absolute blast from first to last. Outrageous humor,crackling chemistry,One of the year's best! Watch it and your rotten day will feel much better!

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