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  • Ip Man 3

    Ip Man 3


    "There is nothing more important than the love of those by your side"

    After a disappointing sequel this one simply took my breath away. I was sceptical when I heard the ugly ass brute aka Mike Tyson was also part of the project. But now that it's over I can't decide if I love the the original or this one more. The latter just about edges out the former due to its powerful emotional core. As for the fights,what more…

  • Yes, Madam

    Yes, Madam


    Michelle Yeoh kicking butt is the best thing about this film.The fight scenes pack a solid punch. The story is forgettable though. The film uses John Carpenter's iconic score for Halloween for some odd reason.

  • Bullet in the Head

    Bullet in the Head


    My 8th John Woo film. There are some great nods to The Deer Hunter,Sergio Leone and even John Huston. The action may not reach the epic badassery of The Killer and Hardboiled but given the subject matter its pretty effective. Future superstars Tony Leung and Simon Yam are good but Jacky Cheung steals the show in my opinion. It starts slowly and then once the action shifts to Vietnam the intensity goes up several notches. The director celebrates friendship,the greed…

  • Sparrow



    Johnnie To pays homage to Bresson,Neo Noir and even Jacques Demy in a sensational set piece brimming with elegance. The jazzy score is beautiful. Made me feel like revisiting Hong Kong. Funny,gorgeously shot and even made me smile. One of the director's best films.

  • Vengeance



    I simply can't fathom the praise lavished upon this film. It's the same ol revenge film albeit brimming with stylish gun fights and great cinematography. I wish Alain Delon had accepted the lead role instead of Johnny Hallyday who comes across as bland and lifeless.

  • Tarnation



    Initially made on a budget of $218 this gut wrenching documentary zapped me of all emotions. If Dear Zachary made me bawl like a baby,this one did more or less of the same. The director shows a cruel society in general who instead of providing good advise turned a young beautiful girl;who could have been anything she wanted to be in her life into a completely different individual in her later years. I loved every thing about this film; the…

  • PTU



    I love films which take place especially during a fixed time period. This film is stylishly shot. Personally it did not win me over completely. Worked only in fits and starts.

  • Throw Down

    Throw Down


    Paying tribute to Akira Kurosawa is not an easy task. But Johnnie To does it in style. Behind all the slick judo moves beats a caring heart for its characters.

  • Blind Detective

    Blind Detective


    Over plotted to the core. Felt longer than its run time, and yet there are so many stand out set pieces guaranteed to make you laugh,horrify you,break your heart all at once. Dream couple Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng are fantastic as always.

  • The Mission

    The Mission


    Johnnie To hitting his stride as a director of crime dramas. The action is lean, there are memorable characters on display especially Fats,unpredictability till the very end. I only wish it was longer. The music may get on your nerves though hehe.

  • Romancing in Thin Air

    Romancing in Thin Air


    Positives- I loved the snowy settings. The flashback scenes are done wonderfully.

    Negatives - Predictable most of the time. Should have been shorter. The whole idea of film within a film looks forced. A step down for me after seeing Don't Go Breaking My Heart.

  • Needing You...

    Needing You...


    It amazes me that a director who is more well known for his astonishing crime dramas has also tried at his hand at Rom Coms. He packs in all the necessary ingredients with enough charm,leads who share sparkling chemistry and left me smiling from start to finish. Johnnie To does a reference to India vs China and how people from each country views the other person's cuisine in a subtle manner. Romantic,hilarious and touching.

    P.S - this film deserves a better poster!