Lydia ★★★½

I find it incredible to discover a talented director from the 30s and 40s who I have never heard of. But thanks to a list of favorite movies compiled by Stephen Sondheim I have discovered Julien Duvivier. 3 of his movies are included on Sondheim’s list (2 of which are on Criterion - Panique and Un Carnet de Bal). Both are fantastic, especially Un Carnet de Bal. Lydia, for me, was a slow go at the beginning but became more and more engrossing as it went on. In both Lydia and Un Carnet de Bal Duvivier explores how time changes memories and how individuals look at the same events and have completely different perceptions. Both have a beautiful melancholy that feels unique to Duvivier but I see as a definite influence on the work of Sondheim, especially Follies. They are definitely worth a watch.