Spencer ★★★

Uhhh…. I feel really conflicted about this movie.

Spencer is no doubt a fantastic looking film that is constantly taking big risks. I’m just not sure if that paid off. 

I feel like all this film did is diminish Diana instead of uplift her or explain her part. I’m just confused as to what it was trying to do or say. To me, this feels like it sort of tore her apart. I felt incredibly confused about how I felt towards Diana and I think a lot of that had to do with the performance and the writing. 

I’m not sure where the best actress claims are coming from. Could she get nominated? Yes. But was this Oscar worthy? In my opinion, I think far from it. I felt like any depth that came from this film was all from the cinematography and the beautiful film making. None of it was from Kristen Stewart’s acting. It was just 2 hours of head tilting, shallow shrugs and mumbled dialogues. Ultimately, she came off as a caricature of Diana and it didn’t sit right with me at all. From the opening shot itself, it felt like she was mocking her actions and small quirks than embodying it. 

The writing was also just all over the place. I genuinely cannot tell you what I felt about this film and I hate that. Because why did I spend my money and time to watch this? What did the creator want me to feel? I could not tell you. 

I just wish they had done more with the character. The only times I felt anything was in the scenes with her sons. Those were so heartwarming and they were a breath of fresh air. Those scenes were the ones that made me enjoy the film. 

It was also  slow. This was surprising for me because the trailer made the film seem a lot more fast paced. 

I’m so disappointed because this was one of my most awaited films.

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