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  • Angamaly Diaries

    Angamaly Diaries


    Katta local padam!!
    Brilliantly made gangster film.
    From the start itself the director immerse us into the mood of the film.
    Beautiful shots, bgm and brilliant performance from all the 86 newcomers!!
    Directors movie.

  • Pulimurugan



    Before its release by seeing the teaser I felt it will be a disaster, but its not.
    The movie worth a watch.
    A mass action family thriller drama!!
    Vaishak really did a great job. A subject not an easy one to execute or to convince malayalam audience, Director played well.
    Mohanlal as usual gives his best. The action sequences (plenty of it) done flawless even at this age!!
    The real man behind the success is Peter Hein. No wonder why…

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  • Ivide



    The Tagline 'You Are Here' means....
    Those who didn't get tickets to Premam are trapped in Ivide.

  • Gangster


    Aashiq Abu films quality was going down from 22FK and Gangster will be the rock bottom (iff not again a Gangster happens).

    Idle gangster
    Nothing in the script
    High level of boredom
    Over use of BGM,
    Slow motion,
    Unnatural shots
    Finished the movie with lot of strain