Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal Animals ★★★½

This thriller-in-a-romance-shaped-can worked better than I thought it would. When we read a book we get the themes and have to figure out what they mean for ourselves. In this film we get to watch how the author of a book portraits his inner demons and regrets and it just works.
The strengths of the film are also it's weaknesses though:

For makes brillant compositions and his actors play their hearts out. The ending leaves me wanting more and thing about this for hours. However, that is also what leaves me a 3½ stars because Ford never dares to venture into the uglyness that could've been. We don't get the actual thriller because it needs to be 'artsy' and we're left with an open ending for the same reason. We get a bunch of very pretty people who are supposed to play rednecks, widowers and people with cancer. All in all I can't help but wish that Ford had used the opportunity to just make a heck of a thriller and left it at that.

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