• The Batman

    The Batman


    Everything after the scene Arkham including the exposition video scene, the showdown at the square garden and the overly long ending is kind of a letdown compared to the brilliant first two acts. This film draws Batman back in the detective role in a Gotham that has never been this gritty before. I just want more of this universe and I almost feel like a rewatch right away

  • The Land Before Time

    The Land Before Time


    The beautiful animations and great score still holds up to this day. The rest is meant for children during the 90's when everything was slower.
    It was a nostalgic trip down memory lane and I get why it was so popular back then. Today it's kinda clumsily told and feels too long at only 69 minutes.

  • Sicario



    The first time I watched this, I didn't really see why it was considdered so good. After watching other works by Villeneuve I returned to Sicario and paid extra attention and it paid off. The shots are beautiful and the plot is both important and exciting. The last scene of the film is probably my favorite, making sure this isn't just another ethnocentric american film where Mexico is just a place where drugs come from.

  • Arrival



    A slow burner. In the beginning you're excited about aliens and stuff. Then you start getting invested in global politics and linguistics. In the end you find yourself confused about time as a concept and deeply frustrated by the knowledge that we're all going to die. A beautiful film with a beautiful message.

  • Tenet



    Brilliant acting and I can't enough of Washington and Pattinson. Also great camerawork, directing and really cool set pieces and action scenes reminding everyone that Nolan stould get to make a bond trilogy.

    However, watching the second time around it really hammered home to me that I need a better relationship to the protagonist and because there isn't one, this is left as a cool experiment and not a film I can rewatch over and over like Inception.

    It's still a cool experiment and I can't help but love Nolan for trying it.

  • Moana



    Simple, respectful and kinda woke-ish. Also fun and wholesome.

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    It is so nice to see films like this and Dune. Huge hollywood productions that actually take themselves seriously. Somehow this grim, dark, raiby universe draws me in from the first second and I just wanna be there in gotham with Batman, who has finaly re-earned his title "the worlds greatest detective".
    A mix between seven and saw made this very special and shows that the dark knight doesn't have to be a super hero to be interesting.

  • War for the Planet of the Apes

    War for the Planet of the Apes


    Probably the best of the trilogy. Restarting cesars arc and giving him a newfound hatred for humans was a good choice. If Rise was 12 monkeys meets shawshank redemption, this is apocalypse now meets 12 years a slave.
    I don't know why "bad ape" was in this other than being the Jar Jar Binks of the apes... He didn't do anything other than cringe comic relief.
    Overall a worthy end to the trilogy

  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


    Where Rise had the story of feeling alone and weird and themes like the original from 1968, Dawn takes another approach. This is Reeves' excuse to make a post apocalyptic warfilm - the first half was kinda meh, as I didn't get invested in any of the human characters until later on.

  • Planet of the Apes

    Planet of the Apes


    What a story. This is from a time when sci-fi could be 'all in' without being too much. It feels so 'on the nose' that it reminds me a bit of orwells novels... In a good way.
    This covers time travel, the need to 'live forever, colonization, racism, religion/science and of course destruction of our own species through war. It's also the film equivalent of me in the first grade when my friends burned ants through magnifying glassed and I…

  • Rise of the Planet of the Apes

    Rise of the Planet of the Apes


    Actually a pretty decent film. There is a big exposition problem in the parts where ceasar is alone, as the audience doesn't get to share his thoughts. They solved it by having an orangutang know sign language which really threw me off. The entire film got silly after that.

    It's also from a time when remakes had to constantly reference the original. With things like "bright eyes", "get your paws of me you damned dirty ape", "it's a madhouse", etc. This gets kinda cringe.

    Still a fine and entertaining piece.

  • Murder on the Orient Express

    Murder on the Orient Express


    Kind of a snoozefest. I'm not sure if the story works as a movie at all to be honest as it's certainly not the actors being the problem (dench, ridley and dafoe are all sublime as always).
    The mystery might be great in book form but it wasn't enough to keep me entertained for the duration of this film. There were certainly also plenty other problems with it, one of the biggest being Michelle Pfeiffers overacting, but my boredom was the biggest one.