Midsommar ★★★

20 minutes of truly great and engaging setup that I related to so hard and made me all in on this film.

... followed by 2 hours of well-shot misery that pretty much does away with all the nuance initially promised.

Aster does the classic sophomore move of retaining the style that helped make his first film such a success, without quite having the story for that style to support. Lots of ideas here that get in the way of each other, and the most effective ones end up feeling like half-baked versions of what was in Hereditary. It’s not without a couple truly memorable and scarring scenes though, with some of the most mind-blowing practical effects I’ve seen in some time. It’s just a shame it doesn’t add up to more. I have a feeling that years down the road I may view how much it tries to do as asset, but for now it’s a slightly disappointing follow up that I’ll nevertheless be thinking about for a while.

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