Little Women ★★★★½

I wonder, sometimes, why they didn't make me read Little Women, the novel, in school, or at any time in my childhood. Was it because I was a boy? Was it because they didn't think I would find the story, the characters, captivating? If the novel is even half as entertaining and exciting as Greta Gerwig's adaptation of Little Women, I would have devoured it, ravenously. Gerwig's film is funny and heartfelt and thrilling; the art direction and costumes are period-perfect, and the way the camera moves and captures it all is engrossing. The acting is superlative (Florence Pugh especially shines) and the script, with all the time and space shifting, is engrossing. I'll be seeking out a copy of Little Women, the novel, later this month, just based on the strength of Little Women, the film.

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