Tenet ★★★★

“hurB” - Me watching Tenet.

For my first experience in the theatres since 10 months, it was pretty good, I wasn’t expecting a lot especially after being beaten up with mediocre movie after awful movie in 2020. But the man’s done it. He’s saved 2020. Before I can get into the good I want to get into the bad. I’m not really into some of the moments because there is a lot of exposition, and the sound mixing is a little iffy sometimes. Everything else though, great. Standout performances from Robert Patterson and Kenneth Branaugh (sorry ken, i still can’t forgive you for Artemis Fowl though), the plot is actually pretty good too, even in the beginning you have a clear understanding of what is going on. The visuals are great too, instead of the usual grey-ish cinematography we get these nice colors that fit pretty well. I expect my score to change soon though, but that experience was great.

Also thanks Nolan, for a finally great 2020 movie (that I’ve seen).

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