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  • Silence


    Love you Marty

    This movie made me realise how powerful Martin Scorsese as a director. Every frame , every setting , every camera movement , every dialogue had an importance, which makes me think how intelligent this Oldman is.

    I thought of rewatching Departed or Goodfellas but this was in my watchlist from a long time and also I saw so many people from filmstagram loving it , so I thought of watching this. And good lord , I can…

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird

    This movie was soooooo good,I wish girls were real.

    No ,that was a terrible joke but I didn't expect this to be this good. And this is a reminder to myself that I'm still a teen. It feels so great to watch a movie which really can understand you. I mean this movie is about teens ,I know that ,but there are little nuances which made it really close to my heart. And I should say this, I saw myself in “Lady bird”