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This review may contain spoilers.

I don't know what to say honestly. So many emotions. I remember getting out of school one day in 2012 and having my mom drive me straight to the movie theater to watch the first Avengers all by myself. Endgame gave me exactly what I needed after 10 years of dedication. I am so incredibly sad the MCU as we know it is ending, but I could not have asked for a better ending. My tears started with Hawkeye watching his family turn to dust and didn't end until well after the credits were rolling.

Unfortunately, I knew going into the movie that Tony would use the gauntlet and die as a result (fuck people that spoil things online when no one asked). It hurt, but it felt right. With Natasha's death, I think we all (maybe?) saw it coming the moment her and Clint went to Vormir in search of the soul stone. Their fight, though noble, was pointless. It made no sense for Clint to die; he had a family to live for. On the other hand, Natasha had a family to die for. I think the Russo brothers made very good choices with these deaths/endings.

Honorable mention to Cap picking up Mjolnir finally. After that end scene in Age of Ultron, there was zero doubt in my mind that Steve was worthy. I knew that he was choosing to not pick it up to spare Thor's pride. This was definitely my favorite scene from the fight sequence. The end to his story was perfect. In close second was the shot of the female superheroes all together, backing up Captain Marvel. Someone shouted "female Avengers assemble!" during my screening, which seemed very fitting.

I wish I could go scene by scene and say what I felt but that would make this review 3 hours long, and I don't have the energy to write that. For now, I am satisfied. Still very hyped for what is to come in the MCU, but I hope they don't drag out the final end with too many sequels.

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