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  • Casino Royale

    Casino Royale


    In the wake of a new bond and the terrible bond films we've had the displeasure of having for the past 10 or so years, CR is a breath of fresh, velvet-like air that won't be matched in the near future.

    Cast Boyega or Elba and bond is dead.

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi


    There was only one other person in the theater. He walked out in the middle.

    Wooden cast, uninspired camerawork, feels like a marvel movie. Star Wars was always based off of the knighthood of old, the brotherly fight of good against evil, and looking toward a brighter future fought valiantly for.

    There just isn't room in a SW movie to be using quippy I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I tier dialogue. Poe being obnoxious to the First Order dude completely takes the drama out of…

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  • I Am Legend

    I Am Legend


    From great to cliche. All in one fell swoop.

    I don't think it's discussed as much as it should just how much potential there is in this film. The first and second acts are incredible, and if they were to have been paired with an equally powerful third act, this film would be remembered with the other greats of 2007 (No Country for Old Men, Zodiac, There Will Be Blood, etc.)

    However, the third act of this film (very clearly…

  • This Is the End

    This Is the End


    Call me a pleb, but Seth Rogen's juvenile comedies are actually hilarious.

    Now, by no stretch of the imagination are his films works of art, or even made superbly, but I have to give credit where credit is due - Films rarely make me laugh as hard as this one. But, like horror, humor is subjective, so if you don't find movies like this funny, it's not hard to imagine this film is equatable to anything more than garbage for you.