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  • The Russian Woodpecker

    The Russian Woodpecker


    A bit needless on its drama and artful visuals, ultimately it provides enough informative interviews about Duga and more to make it a worthwhile watch for anyone interested in Cherynobl and the iron curtain.

  • They Came Together

    They Came Together


    God fucking dammit this movie is so good. To quote a great man, "I feel so... hamburgies and hotdoggies?" The best sequel to Wet Hot the movie one could ask for, far better than the TV series.

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  • The World of Kanako

    The World of Kanako


    A definite improvement over "confessions." unfortunately begins to overstay its welcome near the end and stretch thin. otherwise a great film

  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


    Very little backstory on the characters, very little focus on rhyme or reason, just sheer terror. Not only do you see the "monster" but you sit down and have dinner with him.