Captain Marvel ★★★★½

Captain Marvel

The MCU's one and only modus operandi is maximum pleasure. Sprinkle in some emotional heft, a double dose of visual spectacle, and a few brilliant directors taking different directions and you have yourself an MCU film. There's never been a "bad" MCU film, minus Black Panther, but only ones with diminishing returns. Captain Marvel is a top tier MCU film.

Wonder Woman may have the privelage of calling itself the first female led superhero film, which in itself is supremely overrated, but Captain Marvel actually takes that formula and deservedly runs with it. Academy Award Winner Brie Larson is, without a doubt, the best cast superhero since RDJ donned the Iron suit over 11 years ago. The twinkle in her eyes, the cute sly smile she makes, and the well timed dialogue feels like it was specifically made just for her.

The action heavy scenes and world building with the skrulls and the Kree civilizations and the war being waged between these factions was, to my surprise, very enticing. I was more than engaged by the plot developments throughout the film between these civilizations and even shocked by some twists in the 2nd and 3rd act, in a great way. This idea that Captain Marvel is nothing but a dried out origin story and just a palette cleanser for the biggest Avenger film to come is a ridiculous notion. Captain Marvel stands out as one of the best MCU film, and dare I say one of the best superhero films of all time.

All in All, Captain Marvel is an exceptional film, an exceptional MCU film, and one of the first absolutely astounding films of 2019. I was starting to get Marvel fatigue, but my Marvel fatigue is a thing of the past now. Take all my money, Feige.

P.S if you're fortunate enough to live close to an IMAX theater, or even more fortunate enough to afford an expensive movie ticket, please do yourself a favor, even if you have to sacrifice popcorn and a coke. See this on the biggest screen you can find.


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