Parasite ★★★★★


There’s a moment in Parasite (which all of you have seen by now) where in the beginning this female manager of some sort comes to the Ki-taek’s house to explain the job this family tried desperately to maintain is ruined. Kevin, beautifully played by Choi Woo-shik’s young, brutally naive characteristics, asks the manager for a proper job while the two women of this family slowly surround her. Without mentioning much about Bongs immaculate blocking, which indeed is certifiably immaculate, this is how I feel watching Parasite. Enveloping. Filmed with such rich (ha) characters and elegance, with not a single aspect faltering in any way. Even when the task of transitioning into a scene is normally manipulated to be appear good, Parasite transitions into scenes so purposefully, so leisurely, that tension never ceases to falter. It’s by far the screenplay of the year, and perhaps decade. The fact that such a concept, such a structure could’ve been put to paper. It’s unbelievable how much creativity still exists not just in America, but globally. Whether it comes from South Korea or America, this will be a script studied in colleges this year and on.

All in All, what’s next for Mr. Bong Joon-ho? What’s next for the newly minted master? Whatever it is, it might be Memories of Murder good. It might be Snowpiercer good. It might even be Mother good, but it will not be up to Parasite‘s bar-setting standards. No film will, at least until the next true masterpiece comes out. Many perfect scores are gifted to films that maybe don’t deserve it - which I’m guilty of - but a true, gifted masterpiece deserves a mandatory crowd. It’s incredible to live in a time where movies seem to just be getting better and better. Auteurs are finally making a big comeback and older auteurs are making their masterpieces. I just hope this isn’t the last great year for film, which admittedly might end up being the case.

By the way 5 best favorites of the 2010’s:

The Master
Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)
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