The Favourite ★★★★★

The Favourite

"Look at me. Look at me! How dare you close your eyes!"

Let's see. I suppose I'll start with the pros:

Nicholas Hoult's many different colored wigs.
That dance scene.
Natural lighting to great effect.
Not knowing exactly WHO is in charge.
Not the greatest score ever conceived, but a great one nonetheless.
The freedom this film took to go anywhere it felt like exploring.
Wonderful, not too disconnected, screenplay.
Exquisite production design.
Emma Fucking Stone.
Rachael Weisz.
Olivia Coleman.
Emma Fucking Stone.
The way the camera glides and takes you along with it was always mesmerizing.
Costumes (as inaccurate as maybe some of them might be).
The catty nature between each character.

Cons: Probably none come to think of it. Maybe the last few minutes left me with a bit of cold, shivering emotion, but practically everything works in this film. Yorgos Lanthimos is my favourite director at the moment and might not ever leave my top 5 favourites either. I believe him to be our Stanley Kubrick of this weird generation we live in.

Emma Stone I wholeheartedly believe should win, out of all 3. She's normally perfect but this was a role I desperately needed from her and to my delight does not disappoint.

This film is everything an Oscar winner should be. I imagine it will be the film nominated for most awards this year including:

3 actings nods
Adapted(?) Screenplay
Production design
Best director (?)
Best picture

I can't imagine this movie not sweeping up come February. A

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