Scream ★★★★

Cinespia screening at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.
My first time viewing again in 20+ years since I first saw it in my late teens, and wow does it hold up. Actually, I have a completely new appreciation for it now, having a much longer relationship with the genre. In fact, I’m feeling pretty foolish about my impression of Scream all these years... When it first came out I was in the height of my teen angst & had no interest in popular, hyped up films with those glossy, fresh-faced magazine cover actors of the late 90s. It was way too mainstream for me & I didn’t get what the fuss was about. 
Oh! Now I get it!
I’m still not a huge fan of comedy/horror hybrids, but the brilliant layers of self-referential humor & homage are just too fun & funny. 
The best kind of movie to see at a sold out Cemetery picnic on a gorgeous Los Angeles summer night🖤

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