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  • Animal World

    Animal World


    A very stylish film that is beautifully shot and mixes many different things together to make an incredible film. This is full of surprises, kept my interest throughout and it is incredibly slick!

  • Hallows Eve

    Hallows Eve


    Film #16 of Horrortober/Shocktober.
    I honestly don’t know what to say, this is one of those films where every single line delivered is laughable to hear because of how badly it’s delivered. The sound editing is a mess, at one point two people are running, the sound of running is dubbed over the top and when they stop running it still carries on. 

    The killers are the least threatening, it’s not scary, sacks over the head has been overdone and…

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  • Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

    Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort


    Yeah this franchise just needs to end now.

  • Godzilla



    There's a few people moaning about Godzilla not being in the movie enough, but he is pretty much seen throughout, even if it is his tail going through the water it works and as a massive Godzilla fan I'm very happy. There is the right amount of human drama that I felt worked, just like it did with Gareth Edwards "Monsters" this is a film that wants to pick up once again on the effects of the Nuclear Bomb and…