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  • Hereditary



    ‪Hereditary is still just as effective and brilliant a second time round. I seriously love the subtle score too, that is throughout many scenes and adds another layer to a masterpiece of a film.‬ Score has now gone up to a 5 as I enjoyed it even more this time round.

  • Pledge


    Three guys try to join a frat, but the frat turns out to be not what they thought it was. Right from the beginning you already have a dislike for the characters, their awkward and annoying, it comes across as very forced the way they are made to act. You don't begin to like them and you learn nothing about them. So when things turn bad there's no empathy for these characters. There's a few moments where this begins to…

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  • Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

    Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort


    Yeah this franchise just needs to end now.

  • Godzilla



    There's a few people moaning about Godzilla not being in the movie enough, but he is pretty much seen throughout, even if it is his tail going through the water it works and as a massive Godzilla fan I'm very happy. There is the right amount of human drama that I felt worked, just like it did with Gareth Edwards "Monsters" this is a film that wants to pick up once again on the effects of the Nuclear Bomb and…