Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Things that happen in Space Jam 2

Lebron and Bugs Bunny hijack Marvin the Martians spaceship to go on an adventure to recruit the other Tunes for the basketball game.

They go into an Austin Powers movie to recruit Elmer Fudd that has replaced Mini Me

They go into Mad Max Fury Road and partake in that massive car chase with the War Boys while recruiting Roadrunner and Coyote who are running along with the cars

They go into Casablanca to get Yosemite Sam as he has taken the spot on the piano of the actual Sam character.

They recruit Granny from The Matrix movie while shes partaking in an action scene.

Lola Bunny is in the middle of the Wonder Woman trials when Lebron and Bugs show up to get her.

Daffy Duck is in DC world pretending to be Superman.

They also make an appearance in the Harry Potter world to recruit another Looney Tune (forget which one)

And last but not least Rick and Morty show up and drop another Tune off at Marvins spaceship.

Then we get to the game and Pennywise, Nightwalkers, Droogs from a Clockwork Orange, Warboys, Gremlins, King Kong, Iron Giant, Flintstones are in the audience cheering them on. Yeah let's cancel Pepe Lewpew but put in Droogs and Pennywise 😆

Then they find Michael Jordan in the audience and it turns out to be Michael B Jordan.


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