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  • Everest



    This movie got to me. Maybe for the wrong reasons - I just love mountains and #kinoblogeri gave awesome feeling before movie allowing to use climbing wall. Either way, story got to me with all this beauty, struggle, humanity, ego, will to survive, stubbornness and absolute passion for mountains. It's feature film and it should be viewed as one. Even thou actors kinda get lost into snow, Jake is amazing.

  • The Little Death

    The Little Death


    Australians do take me by surprise lately. This movie is somewhat amazing. I like the concept that is looking at different couples and their emotional and sexual struggles. It was meant to come together like Crash or other story crossing movies. This coming together was kinda weak, but it just got me. I lived through, routed for my favourites etc. And it's really rare feeling lately. Or based on amount of movies I have seen. This just did what movie…

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  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    Oh my oh my oh my!! Something new from Fincher! Yes, that was my reaction as well. I haven't read the book, but movie surprised me and I just adore it. Yes, it is a bit long, but it has to be this long to be this detailed. It's just good old-fashioned Zodiac style movie that you will probably remember for longer period than first few hours after movie. This movie just has it all - intrigue, good story, fine actors, emotional connection, fine camera job. Ah, just go and watch it!

  • Disconnect



    This one just ripped my heart out. Usually while watching movies I'm looking at everything, I'm analysing each bit of it, but this just took over me. It has everything!! The plot is amazing, the intensity of each story... the consequences of each action... it just stuck with me. More importantly, this movie has a feeling. Loved characters, loved the way actors worked, loved the story, loved the music, loved the camera work.... And eventually I cried my eyes out (which is a rare thing). Recommend!