Wendy and Lucy

Wendy and Lucy ★★★★★

Can one be certain of how amazing a filmmaker is based only on two of their works? Because for me, having just finished Wendy and Lucy and previously having only seen Meek's Cutoff, Kelly Reichardt is now already one of my all-time favorite filmmakers and, undoubtedly, my favorite American filmmaker, contemporary or otherwise. At the most simple explanation, her films showcase an auteur-based understanding of two different cinematic techniques; a mastery of visual language seeped in poetic minimalism, and the ability to create realistically-flawed human characters that exist outside the natively-build 'good person-bad person' spectrum.

Essentially, through her unique stylistic lenses, she creates beautifully framed and photographed worlds that focus on people just being people, no 'heroes' or 'villains' to be found. And despite being only two films into her filmography, I already love what she has to offer to the expansive (and sometimes overwhelming) world of independent cinema, and I can't wait to track down and watch through the rest of her work. While perhaps being a bit sad (understatement of the year), Wendy and Lucy is a must watch for anyone interested in film both as an emotional medium and as an art form.

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