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  • Call Me by Your Name Sequel

    Call Me by Your Name Sequel

    they rlly should have ditched andr* ac*m*n for this luca by himself should be able to make a convincing sequel so Andre's contribution is unnecessary and just looks bad for the franchise :/

  • Bolt



    i first saw this in theaters with three of my friends for my birthday (i was 6 or 7 i think) and i remember one of the girls was genuinely so upset that she started crying during the last forty minutes and she actually had to sat in my moms lap while she consoled her and this disturbed me so much that i didn't register the last act of the film because i was too busy crying silently and staring…

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  • Annihilation



    halfway through the movie gina rodriguez's character was like cradling tessa thompson for the third time and my mom leaned over and whispered "ohmygod....they're lesbians"

  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    ive been forced to watch the trailer for this in theaters many times and i just hav to say......i know im a lesbian but.....,,,, henry cavill looks.... uh.....yummy in damn he thicc