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  • Fyre



    This was an absolutely mind blogging story to see unfold back in the day and this doc deep dives and explore every fuck up that accumulated in the infamous Fyre Festival disaster. Honestly struggled to feel sorry for the majority of interviewees as they essentially enabled Billy and Ja's ludicrous idea even when it was beyond all redemption. The locals affected by this as well as the people who purchased tickets etc are the ones we should be feeling sorry for but very little of the run-time is giving to them, which seems rather daft.

  • Diane Has the Right Shape

    Diane Has the Right Shape


    My first watch of this year's My French Film Festival! This was a rather sweet slice of life following Diane, played perfectly by Clotilde Hesme, through her pregnancy as a surrogate mother to her best friends. I did like how the last 20 minutes or so took place after the birth as well and give us a really in depth into Diane's mind. For a comedy this film is visually gorgeous and tackles so somewhat taboo topics so I would easily recommend this!

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  • Next Gen

    Next Gen



    From the promo on the homepage of Netflix I assumed this would be a mediocre Big Hero 6 rip off. Hot damn I was wrong. It hits a lot of the same beats but is surprisingly mature in its storytelling. The animation and overall aesthetic was just sublime! I love the chemistry between the lead characters as well and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't blubbing towards the end. I went in expecting a campy mess but this flick packs one hell of an emotional gut punch.

  • Can You Ever Forgive Me?

    Can You Ever Forgive Me?


    What I went to watch in 2019 - Film #7

    This was a really engaging watch and I think the rather odd premise helped that a lot! Coupled with career defining performances from McCarthy and E. Grant and their character's friendship being so unique it was just a really refreshing watch. I wasn't that impressed by Heller's direction given her superb work on her previous film but the screenplay from Holofcener and Whitty was incredibly well rounded filled with thriller-esque moments, sarky humour and even some heart breaking scenes. Dare I say this will be a sleeper hit at the upcoming award season?