I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★½

What I went to watch in 2018 - Film #6

When to an unlimited screening of this and loved every second of it. The laughs made the whole screen erupt and the more devastating moments easily made us all shut up.

I wasn't aware of the 'incident' as it happened a couple of years before I was born, but this film does a marvelous job of telling a somewhat fictional account of the turbulent life of Tonya Harding.

With a brilliant cast, with so many solid performances it's hard to say who shone out among the rest. But Robbie, Stan, Janney and even Walter Hauser are all incredible in this. Each actor gives such a varied performance from charmingly hilarious to venomously evil it's amazing that all of this could be achieved from a biopic of all things!

The soundtrack is also banging, taking a note out of GOTG's book and having so many classic hits play over key scenes you can't help but get invested. The direction and camera work are also just mad, from the mundane tracking shots to the up close and personal view of Tonya's performances the technical team create such a beautiful and uniform style it's surprising it only got a nod for editing for the technical categories at the Oscars.

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