The New Mutants

The New Mutants ★★★

What I went to watch in 2020 - Film 20

Still in some awe that I've actually seen this, after so many years of waiting it's finally out and is underwhelmingly average! Boone's recent comments have rightfully soured some people on seeing this and I completely get why and it's quite funny that the areas with his most noticeable input are easily the film's weakest points. While the direction and story itself is pretty sloppy I really enjoyed the chemistry between the core cast of teens and was absolutely thrilled that there was some WLW rep just present, it wasn't a huge talking point it was just there and that made me very happy. Also considering all the hype around this being a 'horror' X-men film it's surprisingly tame no? Aside from some cussing and one or two moments it's no different from your typical superhero affair. Here's hoping we get to see these characters return with appropriate casting and characterisations in some form or another as I definitely enjoyed the first hour or so of this and would happily see something in this vain again whether it be part of the MCU or standalone.

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